Circular Textile Recycling

Circular Textile Recycling


Welcome to Wolkat, where discarded textile is not seen as wasteful, but useful. We optimise value in every step of the textile recycling supply chain, from re-use as garment to recycled end products for the fashion, car and furniture industry. This circular and transparant way of working makes Wolkat the only company in the world with control over the full supply chain: collecting, sorting, recycling, spinning and weaving, all under one roof. We direct all processes within the recycling supply chain for a care free customer experience. From our head office in Tilburg we contribute to a world where used textile is seen as a valuable raw material rather than waste. 

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Wolkat is a family-owned group of innovative, international textile recycling companies, which control the entire textile recycling chain. At Wolkat we collect, sort, recycle and re-create products for the textile industry. Because of our circular and transparent process, we can fully unburden our customers and help them to achieve ​​their sustaina...

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Wolkat and HEMA have entered into a circular collaboration in the field of textiles. It’s now possible to return used textiles at 24 HEMA-branches. This is an important step towards the realization of...


Nike is the company that refers to move to zero: they strive for a CO2 -neutral and waste-free production process to protect the future of sports. Nike achieves this mainly through their choice of mat...

Scotch & Soda

We proudly present a bag made in collaboration with Scotch & Soda: the Amsterdam fashion brand that accepts the challenge of making the fashion industry as fair and sustainable as possible.

Filippa K

We proudly present this bag in collaboration with Filippa K: the company that creates garments in a conscious way since 1993 and a frontrunner in sustainable fashion.

Be the fibre

A circular initiative that originated from Wereld Missie Hulp.
Thanks to our solar panels, we have already compensated:
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