Scotch & Soda

We proudly present a bag in collaboration with Scotch & Soda: the Amsterdam fashion brand that accepts the challenge of making the fashion industry as fair and sustainable as possible.

Designing clothes that fit comfortably is key to Scotch & Soda, but the brand also envisions a world in which it does good. One of the priorities is running a business with more attention to our planet and to make more responsible choices every day.

The brand's goal is to make a positive contribution to climate protection. Scotch & Soda wants to reduce waste by focusing on materials. Every season they integrate even more responsible fibers into their collection. Because they choose for recycled fibers, textile waste is kept in use and not dumped. This fits in perfectly with Wolkat, because we don't see discarded textiles as discarded, but as something valuable.

We share the vision to reduce waste and contribute to climate protection. We ensure that the process remains circular and that old textiles are transformed into a new end product. Your waste is our raw material! 

Want to read more about Scotch & Soda? Watch their full story here

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Kimberley van der Wal
Business Development

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