Nike is the company that refers to move to zero: they strive for a CO2 neutral and waste-free production process to protect the future of sports. Nike achieves this mainly through their choice of materials.

It all started in 2015. Nike sent us copies of unsaleable stock, with the request to investigate whether we could still make a nice product out of it. We at Wolkat gladly accepted this challenge.

Only, it turned out not to be that simple. The level of difficulty was high, because the shirts were made of 100% polyester and were already made of PET (recycled material). It was therefore important to investigate how we could develop the right type of thread and fabric to make a new, sustainable product. Over the years we conducted various tests and made various samples that ultimately led to this great result: a bag made from what used to be 15 PET bottles. Then: 2 

T-shirts. And now: a bag that is for sale through the webshop of Nike as a 'recycled Nike gift bag'. With this example, we've come full circle again.

The bag's initiative was widely supported within the Nike organization. Nike therefore decided to use the recycled fabric in several products to continue making it more sustainable. Ultimately, a shoe was created that was designed by Nike with the fabric of Wolkat. By doing this, Nike completed the circle.

We are proud of both models and cannot wait for all the great things that the future will bring us together with this long-term partner!



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