Filippa K

We proudly present this bag in collaboration with Filippa K: the company that creates garments in a conscious way since 1993 and frontrunner in sustainable fashion.

Filippa K is a sustainable fashion company with a mission of mindful consumption. They are following the four Rs: reduce, repair, reuse and recycle, like Wolkat. By keeping this in mind, they want to lower the impact of fashion on our planet. Everything they do fits within the framework of circular fashion and is 'designed to last'. The result of our common goal is a 100% post-consumer recycled bag that will be in most Filippa K stores during 2021. 

Filippa K and Wolkat share the vision and practical approach on further developing a sustainable and circular fashion industry. This makes them the perfect long term partner. We are proud that we have been able to use discarded textile as a raw material for an every day product that is 'designed to last' by Filippa K's team. We look forward to share more about this collaboration and innovative developments we are doing with them to further accelarate circularity within the fashion industry. 

Find out more about Filippa K and their circular ambitions here

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Kimberley van der Wal
Business Development

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