Be the fibre

A circular initiative that originated from Wereld Missie Hulp.

Wereld Missie Hulp recognized that seas and oceans remained polluted by plastic microfibres and that workers worked in unsafe working conditions. That’s why it was time for a change. Wereld Missie Hulp was looking for partners to evolve towards circularity and from this, Be the fiber was born.

Be the fiber wants to be socially responsible and would like to give something back to society and our planet. They have a circular approach with a clear vision: employ people in a qualitative way, marketing circular products and use them to finance as many sustainable development projects as possible. Raw materials are used to make products, the materials of which can subsequently be reused to make new products. This way, there is hardly any waste left and they remain full circle. 

Be the fiber purchases products from Wolkat and then sells them in their own webshop. Just like Be the fiber, Wolkat works circularly. The textiles are collected by us, sorted, recycled and then re-produced into a recycled product. So are you still looking for a durable, aesthetically pleasing and ethically responsible accessory? Then be sure to visit and make sure that you are part of the circular process!



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Kimberley van der Wal
Business Development

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