Wolkat is an family owned group of innovative, international textile recycling companies. They control the entire textile recycling chain. At Wolkat we collect, sort, recycle and re-create recycled products for the textile industry. Because of our circular and transparent process, we can fully unburden our customers and help to achieve ​​their sustainability goals.

'Re-inventing Recyling'

We can certify our unique position by introducing our ‘re-inventing recycling’ concept. This concept consists of four pillars that form a continuous cycle, focusing on inventive use of scarce resources that can achieve optimum durability. All this because of our vision and strength: where others see waste, Wolkat sees a new raw material. We try to create the maximum value in every step of the supply chain, starting at re-use of the discarded textile. If this is not possible, we use it as raw material for our recycling process. By recreating new products from old materials, we happily contribute to a cleaner world while trying to set an example to the heavily polluted textile industry. 

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Business Development

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