We made a cool sustainable bag as a result of an intensive collaboration with our partner Nike. 

It all began in 2015. Nike sent us samples of unsellable stock and a request to investigate if we could still make a nice product out of it. We at Wolkat gladly accepted this challenge.

However, in practice it proved not to be that simple. The level of difficulty was high, because the shirts were made of 100% polyester and of PET (recycled material). So it was important to investigate how we could develop the right type of yarn and fabric to make a new, sustainable product. Over the years we did several tests and produced several samples that eventually led to this great result: a bag made of what were first 15 PET bottles, then 2 t-shirts and now for sale through Nike's webshop as a "recycled Nike gift bag". With this great example, the circle is complete again. We are proud!

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Kimberley van der Wal
Business Development

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