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Our unique concept consists of optimizing value which we implement with every piece of discarded textile.

‘The least pollution is created without use of resources’, is our motto. We work with discarded textile for this reason, because they are a resource of product and raw material already created. At Wolkat we don’t create new products by using extra energy or raw materials. Instead, we make new products from used products. From reusable clothing to recycled yarns and downcycled felt in one system.


The first step is optimizing the value by the right collecting system of discarded textile. The first step to reduce impact is by treating discarded textiles as a valuable product and raw material instead of waste. This discarded material contains more than garments only: we also take care of the reuse of bed linen, stuffed animals and shoes, to name just a few.


During the second step we separate two categories. The first contains reusable textile. This textile finds its way to the global secondhand market in approximately 250 categories, creating optimal value for every customer. The second category entails textile not suitable for reuse but which can be used as raw material for our in-house recycling process.


This recycling process starts with cleaning the textile of non-textile objects. Buttons, labels and zippers are manually removed. Even these non-textile objects are reused.

After removing these non-textile objects, a clean textile remains. This textile is sorted again by color and fiber type. After the clustered pure textile is saved up, the mechanical recycling process starts: the textile is chopped into small pieces and fiberized.

During our recycling process we don’t use any water, chemicals or dyes. This ensures a sustainable process on top of everything else, meaning: a double environmental winning.


A few decades of research made us able to create an in-house spinning facility using mainly our own raw material. In this spinning facility, the basis is made for a wide range of end products. After the textile is fiberized, the newly created raw material is spun into several quality yarns.

In 2016 we expanded our group with a weaving plant. By adding innovations like this one, Wolkat makes it possible to create an end product made from discarded textile completely in-house. 

Completing the circle

Besides yarns and woven end products, we also make non-woven in—house. Non-woven is also known as felt. This product is used in the local car and furniture industry, but can also be used for matresses, geo textile or isolation.

The special thing about our non-wovens is that they are normally classified as downcycled. At Wolkat, we believe that every piece of discarded textile can have a new life as a raw material for a product. We are fully committed to creating value for all the textile we receive and don’t cherry pick from what we receive.

By having both offering recycled products and sorting for reuse, we can process 94-96% of the textile collected and give it a second life. We really control the entire recycling chain. This makes us a truly circular and transparent partner.

Wolkat is the right partner realizing your circular textile ambitions.

· Only company in the world with a fully integrated recycling process

· Create optimal value of all discarded textile collected

· Reuse of raw materials

· No use of water, dyes or chemicals creating new products

· Minimal CO2 footprint by offering every step in the supply chain under one roof

· Transparent and data driven cooperation

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