Re-Use Center Estonia

Last year, Wolkat entered into a special partnership with the Re-Use Center in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. About 50 000 kilograms of textiles threatened to go to landfill every month due to the increased volumes of collected clothes and the limited reuse and recycling capacity of used clothing in Estonia. All of these goods are suitable for reuse and recycling. The organization wanted to solve this problem and this is what the cooperation looks like:

The textiles that cannot be processed in Estonia are sent to Wolkat in The Netherlands or Morocco. There they are sorted and what can be reused is sold globally. What is left over then enters our recycling process where the textiles are sorted by colour and material type. After recycling per color and material type, yarns are spun and cloth is woven. From this cloth, new products such as bags and laptop sleeves are made of it. They are then sent back to Estonia so that they can be sold in the local market. A clever cycle in which a great deal of energy is saved and valuable raw materials are looped back into the chain instead of the ever-growing landfill.

In Wolkat the Re-Use Centre found an equal partner to work together to optimize the circular economy within the textile industry. They have invested a lot of time, energy and money to understand our and optimize their process. Together with their dedication and Wolkat's knowledge and experience of reusing, recycling and re-creating materials, the textiles are saved from landfill. The whole process is a great success and we are proud of this unique collaboration!

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Business Development

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