Textiel Race (Textile Race)

Wolkat cooperates with the first Textile Race in the Netherlands. Ten schools in a region compete against each other to collect as much clothing and old textiles as possible. The collected textiles and clothing are reused and recycled. The Textile Race makes the collection and recycling of clothing and textiles fun and educational.

The Textile Race

The Textile Race is a competition between schools in a region to collect as much old clothing and textiles from local residents as possible. During a Textile Race, local residents can register their clothing and broken textiles on www.textielrace.nl. In addition, all participating schools receive a valuable guest lesson about textiles and sustainability. The Textile Race makes collecting clothes and textiles fun, educational and easy.

The Textile Race is an initiative of the people behind the successful E-waste Race, a similar competition for the collection of discarded electronics. This E-waste Race is now organized annually at 330 schools in various regions throughout the Netherlands.

Circular Textiles
Collection of textiles can be even better! More than half of the textiles still end up in the residual waste container, while the rest is properly collected. Textiles that are properly disposed of in the collection containers, do often become contaminated. People also often throw dirty and wet textiles or even diapers or other dirt into the clothing containers. In addition, not everything that is collected can be reused. Much of the cheap clothing we buy is of too low quality and not reusable. This is also called fast fashion. This can and must be done differently, according to the initiators of the Textile Race.

A first in Den Bosch
The very first Textile Race was organized by Wolkat and waste material service 's-Hertogenbosch in Den Bosch in 2020. Unfortunately this could not take place due to the Covid pandemic, but a second attempt will follow in September 2021. In the meantime, Amsterdam and Noord-Veluwe were also on the program with two very successful editions.

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