In 2018, Wolkat and RetourMatras entered into a valuable collaboration. RetourMatras collects used mattresses and makes sure that all parts can be reused. A solution was found to the huge problem that arose when dumping the mattresses. The waste stream can now be divided, creating added value in the recycling process.


A part of a mattress is in fact textile and Wolkat can do very nice things with it! Yarns are spun from this textile and from that new fabrics and eventually new mattresses can be made. The result of the unique cooperation with RetourMatras fits in perfectly with Wolkat's working method and is very interesting for the (local) market: we turn waste into good products and the new products are returned to the same party, which completes the circle. With this full-fledged partnership, we are making our contribution to the necessary sustainability of our society.

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Kimberley van der Wal
Business Development

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