Cooperation with Kringloopbedrijf Maasland

Since July 1st, Wolkat and Kringloopbedrijf Maasland have joined forces. Both parties strive for the most sustainable handling of textiles and are now doing so by collecting textiles together.


“Sustainability Square” and reuse of materials
At the Maasland location in Oss, residents of the Municipality of Oss and associations, among others, deliver textiles to the “Sustainability Square” (Duurzaamheidsplein) on the Maaskade. The Collection and Processing department takes care of the collection and all the collected textile is then pre-sorted by people with poor job perspectives. In this way they can gain work experience, a goal that fits in with the mission of Recycling Company Oss: creating employment and training opportunities in a safe environment.

The workers pick out the best material which can be sold in the five affiliated thrift shops. The clothing department is 360m2 and the range of clothing on offer is enormous. At Kringloopbedrijf Oss, you can always find nice clothes at small prices. 

Processing in Morocco
Did you know that we find much more textiles than just clothes in the collection? Think for example of bed textiles, cuddly toys and shoes. That is why all the textiles that can no longer be used as well as all the unsold textiles from the thrift shops, are sent from the shops straight to our factory in Morocco. We can still process them there. In this way, we ensure that also this textile is reused.

Objective of the cooperation
Our common goal is to create a circular economy together with Kringloop Oss by converting waste into raw materials. Reducing the waste stream by stimulating the reuse of goods can contribute to improving the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. A fine ambition! 

We are happy to work together with an organisation such as Kringloopbedrijf Oss and are looking forward to all the good things the future will bring to all of us!

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Business Development

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