Collaboration with fashion retailer JBC: a unique circular initiative that makes for a first in the Belgian market.

Since the 1st of October 2019, we have joined forces with family business JBC, a Belgian clothing chain that provides fashion for the whole family. JBC is committed to sustainable fashion and is therefore a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation that actively advocates better working conditions in the fashion industry. That is why JBC pursues fair clothing at a fair price. The company has a clear mission and vision on sustainability. And this perfectly matches us as a textile recycling company. It is important for us to find the right match with a partner company, as we always aim to work and do business in a long and sustainable way.


Why did JBC choose for a permanent clothing collection?
Second-hand clothing that is no longer usable is often burned. Not only is this bad for the environment, JBC also sees this as a missed opportunity. Fashion retailers play a particularly important role in creating a better living environment, but as a textile collector the company also wants to do its bit. It is an important step towards a more environmentally friendly textile industry, which by now emits more CO2 than aviation and shipping put together.

From old collected clothing to new textiles
We give collected clothing that is not suitable for the second-hand market a new life. This unique circular initiative was a first in the Belgian clothing market. At more than 120 shops in Belgium, old clothing can now be returned in exchange for points on a loyalty card. A unique concept in which the chain rewards the sustainable behaviour of their customers!

In the past, up to 35% of the clothes collected were no longer usable for sale, a problem for which other textile collectors do not have a sustainable solution. Thanks to the cooperation with us, there remains only 5% of waste. Now it is clear to everyone what happens with the collected garments. A nice piece of awareness.

The result: the bag that closes the circle!
Thanks to the two types of end-products and the sorting of reusable textiles, we can now give textiles a new life as second-hand textiles or as sustainable end-products. With JBC and World Mission Aid, we have established a circular partnership. Thanks to this cooperation, the disposal of discarded clothing and the purchase of recycled articles has been organised within one shop: consumers deliver their textile waste to JBC shops, where they can also buy products made from recycled textiles.

The first sustainable end-product is the trendy and sustainable shopper, fully developed from used textiles! The leather accents are remains from the belt production of the clothing brand. We are therefore immensely proud that Consumer Contest Company has nominated our circular bag as one of the best sustainable consumer products 2020-2021 in Belgium. This project is the start of an innovative, circular collaboration with many more (future) products.

To be continued!

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