Introduction new blogger - Annelou Ringers

Annelou Ringers completed the MSc in Supply Chain Management at Erasmus University, in which she focused on sustainability and circularity.

She wrote her master thesis on socially responsible procurement in the fast fashion industry. She researched the purchasing practices of established fast fashion retailers in Bangladesh and China. With this thesis Annelou received a Sustainability Master Thesis runner-up award from KPMG Netherlands.

Later, she completed a master exchange at the School of Fasion and Textiles at RMIT University in Melbourne. This involved Fashion Entrepreneurship and Annelou currently works there as a guest lecturer and mentor.

After completing her studies, she worked as an Innovation Analyst at Fasion for Good. There she did research and worked with several highly innovative start-ups in the field of recycling, new materials, dyeing and finishing, cut-make-trim, transparency and traceability and business models.

Annelou also worked on a research issue on a circular textile economy in the state of Victoria for the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute

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