We'd like to introduce to you: Annabelle Lampe, the creative Product Developer!

This is Annabelle Lampe, 36 years old and living in Tilburg. She was born and raised in France and lived there until she was fifteen years old. Annabelle is the creative Product Developer of Wolkat. 

She came to Wolkat because we were looking for someone who could speak French fluently and had a creative background. "I studied Fashion & Design at AMFI and I have French roots," says Annabelle, "so that matched perfectly with the needs of Wolkat".

Annabelle's role within Wolkat is that of product developer. "But actually I do the whole process around recycling which involves a lot of things," she explains. "From supervising production, developing recipes, deciding which end products to put on the table, advising customers on the design (circularity first!), making cost calculations and calculating production capacity to monitoring lead times". 

Annabelle really enjoys to let her creativity run wild while at the same time she makes sure that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly. Orders must be delivered properly of course, and if any problems come up, she thinks solution-oriented. This creative lady also loves to delve further into the products of Wolkat.

Annabelle knows how to present the products of Wolkat in an original and creative way.  Where does she get her inspiration? "Actually, by everything. It starts with a feeling or inspiration, which takes shape over a period of time. Only then I develop it further." She sifts through Pinterest and uses Adobe Illustrator a lot to sketch an image of what a product might look like. "I simply continue to sketch and adjust it until I am satisfied with the end result. And after that it is just a matter of executing."

Annabelle advises how to get the most out of your creative brain: "Listen to your feelings. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or that your end result is not perfect. In the end, it's all about the complete process. That's where you learn the most. And sometimes the mistakes you make bring pleasant surprises. So don't give up too quickly!"

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