Cooperation between The Netherlands and Morocco

Our headquarter is based in textile city Tilburg, The Netherlands. Here we spend a lot of time researching new circular processes and-of other waste products that have a second life, such as textile and plastics. Besides our locations in the Netherlands, we are also active in Tangier, Morocco for over more than 25 years.

Tangier is a strategically located place in the far north of Morocco. Our factories are based near a major port, which makes us serve our customers most effectively. At Wolkat Morocco we sort, clean and spin the old textiles into new yarns. Later, these yarns are used to yield new products. CEO and co-founder of Wolkat Morocco, Khalid el Amrani, is the director of the Moroccan companies and monitors our circular business model abroad. Or as El Amrani says: “The textile heritages of Morocco and The Netherlands are merged into a beautiful full service recycling company since day one."

Sustainable offices

Besides taking care of our footprint and world with our circular business model, Wolkat also take care of her offices and factories: sustainability everywhere is key.

Our Dutch headquarter is a modern and 100 percent CO2 neutral office: we use a technologically ingenious system of air recovery, the use of sustainable materials and LED lighting. And yes, even our energy is generated by solar panels. Oh! And the interior comes from our recycled end products.

In Morocco, we also monitor the amount of energy in the textile recycling process. Did you know we only use 0,01-liter of water for recycling 1 kilo of textile? You can read more about these and other sustainable effects at circular process page on this website.

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Business Development

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