International textile innovators

Wolkat is an international group of seven innovative recycling companies. Daily we challenge ourselves with the question: how can we recycle even better? For us, used textile is and will never be waste. We use old textiles to create new products. After years of experience, research and innovation, Wolkat now controls the entire chain of textile recycling: from collecting to producing renewed materials. With this approach, we provide our customers complete unburdening and help them with all the steps within the recycling cycle since 2014.


Re-inventing recycling

We can certify our unique position by introducing our ‘re-inventing recycling’ concept. This concept consists of four pillars that form a continuous cycle, focusing on inventive use of scarce resources that can achieve optimum durability. Our pillars are: reduce, re-use, recycle, recreate. With this ‘re-inventing recycling’ concept, Wolkat takes a unique position in the textile industry because we operate completely circular. This all because of our vision and strength: where others see waste, Wolkat sees a new raw material.

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Business Development

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